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Monday, June 29, 2009

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28.06.09 Sunday, 80% blue day for me.. I cried..

I'm back in hometown.. Guess here will be a better place for me to get away from the bustle and complicated life in PJ/KL.. But thing always happen when u least expect or when there's actually no problem that exists, weird right? This makes my life hard.. Besides, my finger got cut when I tidy up the messy house in PJ and I'm suffering body ache right now.. I think I'm getting old and I need more exercises >.<''

And not to forget, thanks to McD french fries and mummy yummy soup for making 20% good day for me at least..

A few question marks in my mind while I'm typing this blog post...
Are you in a relationship? If you are...
What do u actually looking for in a relationship ?
Why do u want to be in a relationship instead of single ?

*I don't wanna think*


  1. calm urself down n relax k.. hehe

  2. love is in the air, jz depends how u catch it hold it, i think.

    i don't knw what happened,but, cheer up ok?

  3. 1. relationship is life routine.

    2. Nobody wants to be lonely.

  4. 1.) Look for a partner who can adapt to you, and you to him/her. tolerate your habits, and yet share your happiness. and this had to be mutual.

    2.) Because without a relationship, you'll prolly feel incomplete. Your partner is the one who will complement what you lack and emphasize what you have.

  5. 1. Nope
    2. A true love, in terms of someone who willing to walk the rest of the path with you no matter what.
    3. Two happiness is always more than one.