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Saturday, June 27, 2009

On 8:04 PM by Connie Lam     7 comments
Went to Kin Kin Restaurant on a beautiful Sunday for lunch..

Address :
40 Ground Floor,
Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman 1,
Off Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman,
Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur.

Trust me, this restaurant sells the best dried pan mee in the town although the place is not airy... Heard from my friend that this restaurant always fully occupied and hence customers have to wait for a long time for the pan mee to serve..

They will serve u a bowl of dried pan mee which topped with ikan bilis, chopped scallion, pork sliced and a snow-white poached egg (as shown in the picture above) and a bowl of soup... Then u gotta add their special spicy dried chillies and mixed well with the pan mee.. They have claimed to be the first to invent this style of eating pan mee.. But the portion they served is kinda little and for guy, a bowl definitely not enough..

Their special spicy dried chillies.. Just adds roughly a pinch portion of it is enough..

Besides dried pan mee, they also sell pan mee soup but the dried pan mee is more famous..
If u like spicy foods especially spicy pan mee, u should not miss it..

*Thumb up*


  1. yea~~it's super nice~~~the pan mee is made different frm how v see from other pan mee....KOTA DAMANSARA oso got another one...(thumb up oso) =p

  2. fyeen
    ♥ Yeah, real kudos!! xD
    ♥ mind to share where's the location of the pan mee shop at kota damansara?
    ♥ I would like to give a try since i staying in petaling jaya...

  3. haven't been there before...
    thx for your recommendations ^0^

  4. kinkin they got the best noodle.
    and they got the best motherf**ker service too.

  5. bluefiz
    ♥ No thanks =)
    ♥ You should really go there and have a try ya..

    ♥ Yeah, their service kinda bad...
    ♥ Im actually wanted to take more pic of the dried chillies..
    ♥ But then the auntie keep on take away it without asking me 1st although I havent done eating..
    ♥ They should prepare more of it if they already know it is not enough to serve the customers who come..

  6. btw, they don't care bout u, customer.

    but money.

  7. The chilli pan mee looks exactly like how u show in ur post, i think kota damansara one is one of the branch too..i duno the exact address...but if u knw the location whr all the shop lots (@ Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara)near to the Giant then it's easy to find. This Chilli Pan Mee is same row with a hongkong coffee shop and a shop named "pumpkin house" or something like tat...

    Should try kota damansara chicken rice 为食鸡 oso. Nice~~ (http://www.foodpoi.com/2008/10/restaurant-tasty-chicken-rice/)