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Monday, June 22, 2009

On 9:55 PM by Connie Lam     7 comments
Been to Kenny Rogers Roasters which located at Subang Parade for dinner with my dear dear Jennifer and a friend of us (30th of April 2009)..
No doubt that night we spent a great dinner time together chit-chat and laughed a lot..
I'm going to miss her a lots because she already back to Sarawak and I can't wait to see her again during convocation which will falls in August...

Three of us also ordered the quarter meal (Roasted ¼ chicken with 3 side dishes & 1 Kenny’s Home-made Muffin). Let's the pictures to do the talking =)

♥ Jennifer's ordered ice lemon tea and I ordered four seasons fizzy (autumn)

♥ Yeah, my favorite Kenny home-made muffins which most of the time I order the chocolate flavor one...

♥ Friend's order.. All the healthy stuff...
♥ 3 side dishes : Mashed potato with gravy, potato salad and fresh fruit salad

♥ Dear dear Jennifer's order.. I'm sure that she can't finish up the whole meal and as what i guessed, she left almost half of the meal..
♥ 3 side dishes : macaroni & cheese, garden pasta salad and aromatic rice

♥ My order which 365days per year never change xD
♥ 3 side dishes : golden corn & carrot, mashed potato & gravy and aromatic rice

♥ Yeah, that's our bill with total of RM 73.25..
♥ So cute and this is the first time I received such bill with hand-writing but not printed one..


  1. that bill.. nice hand writing! haha..

  2. kenny rogers...
    bring me along
    that means ur bill won't have tax lo

  3. shall we shall we shall we meet?


  4. kenny rogers like not very consistent leh, go different place, the portion is different n the quality too.. sienz...

  5. khLau
    ♥ Sweat, i didn't notice the handwriting but u noticed it..

    ♥ have tax also.. i think..
    ♥ else wont be that expensive le...

    ♥ sure, why not? xD

    ♥ Yeah, it's true..
    ♥ But nvmlar, eat once in awhile mah ~ xD
    ♥ But then the portion enough to fill my stomach to the fullest..

  6. haha.. the casher abit poor?
    or he/she wanna show off her/his handwriting? wakaka...

  7. ed.inc
    ♥ I think their cashing machine run out of the paper ><"
    ♥ But her handwriting is nice though =)