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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

On 4:20 PM by Connie Lam     5 comments
JoGoYa, a well-known japanese buffet which located at Starhill Gallery, KL..
Went there for the second time, with my brother, Shireen and Ju-Lian...
This time i snapped many pictures of the foods to share with u guys...

The Japanese Cuisine..

♥ Unagi... Not well-cooked but the taste is good..

♥ Soft Shell Crab.. This one not bad.. But still i prefer ZanMai Sushi one...

♥ Salmon Sashimi.. Not fresh enough...

♥ Don't know what are these.. None of them satisfy my taste buds...

♥ The sushi.. Their sushi rice ain't nice to eat..

The Fishes...

♥ I like all the 4 types of fish shown above.. The fishes served in Jogoya real mouthwatering.. *Thumb up*

The Desserts..

And other foods...

♥ Freah oysters.. Too bad i don't like to eat it raw with lemon..

♥ Spaghetti with prawn.. Taste a bit weird =="

♥ All the fried and heaty stuff..

♥ Satay Chicken...

♥ Grilled lamb...

♥ I like this one.. LaLa with herbs soup (on the right)..

♥ Shireen's favorite...

♥ I don't know what this called. But it is very nice!

♥ The soup.. I drink 3 bowl of this ....

♥ A-must-drink-coconut in Jogoya...

♥ Steamboat styled seafood...

♥ Claypot seafoods *yummy*

Last but not least..

♥ Min Win and Shireen..

♥ Ju-Lian and Connie..

A great buffet dine in ...♥


  1. wow.. it makes me starve by just looking at the photo ^^ how much does it cost per person?

  2. looks like u order sumelah..



  3. n the price is???

    i spend rather lavishly i noticed! all this stuff aint cheap..

    but the sashimi looks yummy!! haha

  4. gargh!!.. must enter ban list liao this blog...

    food food food nia... o.O

    hahhaha... joking

    actually wanna go there long time liao. but always got some problem in the end :D