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Friday, January 1, 2010

On 11:45 PM by Connie Lam     2 comments
Again i had abandoned my blog for a period of time. Wondering if i should update on those outdated posts? Wondering is there any loyal fans who follows my blog everyday :DD Support from u guys can actually helps in fostering my enthusiasm for blogging. Alright, cut the craps. Here comes a simple update on a lunch session with my colleagues in Restaurant One Noodle which located at SS2. This is a restaurant well-known with its Lai Min (拉面).

p/s: very very sorry for the poor quality of the pictures. I should get myself a new hp with higher megapixel as soon as possible.

.♥ This was the very first time i been there. Quite a cozy place and thumbs up for their attentive and satisfactory service :)

.♥ Siew mai. Taste not bad, especially when u eat together with their special sauce.

.♥ This one im not sure what's it. Senior's order and i didn't give a try. I was busy with my very big bowl of Seafood lai min keke.

.♥ Fried har gao. This always tasty when u eat it together with mayonnaise. But i still prefer the one in Restaurant Phang Khey, Old Klang Road.

.♥ This one very special. The pastry is hot while the ingredients (mixed fruits) inside is cool.

.♥ Last but not least, the very big bowl of Seafood lai min that i mentioned just now. The bowl is bigger than my face haha. And can't believe that i can finish all.

A good try. I definitely will visit again to try out other dimsum and lai min :)