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Sunday, January 10, 2010

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Here comes another outdated post in year 2010, sorry sorry keke. Just bear with me okay? Because u know Im well-known as busy girl :DDD Nothing much about this post actually, just wanted to share my life and some pictures.

.♥ Went up to Genting Highlands few months ago with my family, a 3 days 2 nights trip. Here i want to share some of the pictures i taken when we had our dinner buffet :)

.♥ Don't really remember the name of this restaurant/cafe but it serves quite many palatable foods. Pictures shown above are the main cuisine like fried rice, fried chicken, curry chicken, lamb, beef, spaghetti and vegetables.

.♥ I was so concentrating on taking spaghetti coz it's my favorite all the time. But too bad the spaghetti they served can't satisfy my taste bud and stomach.

.♥ Ingredients for u to eat with porridge and salads.

.♥ Various type of cakes and dessert. Not to forget bread.

.♥ My mum's favorite - Salad

.♥ Indian foods i guess and rojak. But i don't like it.

.♥ Fruits and chocolate cake.

.♥ Mango pudding


  1. Woa, Looks delicious. :D I like the pic of that mango pudding. Love mango puddings :D. How much does it cost perperson?

    Regards from cr3ap

  2. i like genting buffet much..coffee terrace the best

    Nikel Khor