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Thursday, January 28, 2010

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Do u like Old Town White Coffee? Yeah i do. I like to spend my free time over there, online blogging chit-chatting with a cup of white coffee or xi mut milk tea. Nice one. Here i want to share some of the pictures which i taken few months ago when i had my tea break at Genting Highlands Old Town White Coffee. Feel free to leave some comments about the pictures. I played around with the hp camera settings and tried to capture the best image. Hopefully i manage to snap more nicer pictures next time, especially when i own a DSLR hehe.

♥ Yeah this is my favorite Xi Mut Milk Tea

♥ I spent a great relaxing tea break at Genting Old Town :)

♥ Garlic bread which ain't taste good, too thick i guess.

♥ One of my favorite too - French toast

♥ Half-boiled egg

♥ And last but not least, my DIY "I Love U" which i cut it out slowly from french toast. It looks just so awesome isn't it? Im so talented haha XD Nothing better to do but I did know it's not good to play with the food haha :p


  1. great "i love u" really nice

    nanged. nang this to read Apple's secret in dealing the new tablet-IPad!

  2. Nice DIY on the love. But it seems it takes quite some time for you to cut out that love shape :D

    Regards from cr3ap

  3. i like to go old town to makan.. haha.. and the i love you is nice =)