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Monday, January 25, 2010

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This post just to share some of the cheap and delicious foods that i had eaten during the trip to Port Dickson. Actually we had no idea where to eat and what to eat in PD. But there seems has many seafood restaurant and we just dropped by one of the restaurant for dinner. And what surprise us is the restaurant served set meals which is for two persons and it costs only RM55, included 5 seafood dishes, drink and rice.

.♥ Sweet & Sour Crabs

.♥ Kam Heong Sea Clams

.♥ Butter Prawn

.♥ Salad Sotong

.♥ Ginger Onion Chicken

The foods are real nice and the price is real cheap, don't u think so? :D


  1. I love sotong! But a bit too black for my liking