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Sunday, January 24, 2010

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Visited Port Dickson few months ago due to a sudden thought that hit on me after i had read my friend's post on Facebook about his happy moments at the beach. Such a long period of time i didn't go to the beach to enjoy the breathtaking view of the surrounding greenery and blue open sea and also the fun-filled leisure beach activities.

But, this time the beaches in Port Dickson kinda disappointed me. We had drove around Port Dickson but couldn't get one beach that's with nice view or at least attract me. I don't know why, sigh :( Anyway, this trip reminded me Kokorobox.net 3rd anniversary birthday bash at Port Dickson on 11th October 2008.

.♥ Waves beating on the beach. Personally i think this would be a nice picture if taken with DSLR and provided the beach and water free from pollutions.

.♥ Stopped by this beach in Port Dickson but it disappointed me.

.♥ Guess who is this? Haha XD

.♥ Leng lui on the beach :p


  1. hey hey
    Connie..how are u recently?
    blog update slow slow wor..
    busy with works?

  2. hEnRy
    ♥ hey there :)
    ♥ im doing fine :) update slow coz night time no internet connection~ and then i have no time to edit photo and blogging also ohh~
    ♥ kinda busy with a project sigh~