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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

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Don't know if u guys ever heard of Restaurant Ku? It is a Chinese and Indian fusion restaurant (i guess) which located right opposite University Malaya Medical Center. I was sick that time and hence my friend brought me there to have some home-cooked dishes. It was my first visit to Restaurant Ku and I kinda fond of the ambiance there. Yes likey the cozy ambiance with dim light but not the foods ><

.♥ ABC soup. Salty and expensive.

.♥ Fu Yong Egg. Not bad, but other restaurant can serve better one.

.♥ Asparagus with garlic. This one nice. My favorite.

.♥ Chicken. Not bad but still other restaurant can serve better one.

Anyway, it was a great dinner session. And I felt much more better after had some rice. Special thanks to my friend for so take care of me all this while.


  1. wao~ food look nice. thanks for the info. will looking forward to that place.

  2. wondering why you did not disclose your friend photo as well but only the foods?

  3. Isley, for me the foods ain't nice...

    Anonymous, if u really visit my blog all the time, u should know i seldom mention who i went out with unless in big geng :) most of the time i just put up foods photo :) btw, that night we didnt take any picture :) so sorry that i couldn't share up any pic of us ~~

  4. anyway, promise i will post up and share more pictures of me and my friends if u r so interested to know :DD and i would be happier also if i know who r u actually :) nice to meet u~~~

  5. ngo hai David laa. Forgot me jor ahh? :(

  6. which David? Mind to leave ur email here? or maybe text me