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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On 5:41 PM by Connie Lam     6 comments
Went to watch this movie at GSC Mid Valley Megamall (I think one month ago, can't really remember). Is a very great movie. I like all the dragons inside the film, especially Night Fury. Not to forget to mention Gronckle too, the fat fat dragon, so cute! :DD Go to watch this film, i guess everyone will like it :)

Movie : How to train your dragon
Ratings : ★★★★


  1. we loved this movie! awesome!

  2. can u help me to train those stray cat behind my house?

  3. I love this movie. Great Cartoon.

  4. waaa~~ we went n watch tis movie like quite some time ago wo~~ ya~ hv to agree... awesome movie... ^^

  5. my girl friend and I decided to watch a movie because she got a movie pass from winning as one of the higher up sellers of the month. However, the movies that we want to watch is still on coming soon until we ended up choosing "How to train a Dragon". Its like, we have no choice but we really one to watch that day. HAHAHA!! surprisingly the movie was great! I started loving it. until i went home, I'm still thinking about the movie.