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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

On 5:41 PM by Connie Lam     2 comments
Went to watch this movie in the midnight when it just showing on the cinema because everyone seems told me the same thing that this movie is a great movie and it is very similar to warcraft. I din go for the 3D one, because my eyes and head not allow me to do so haha. I always suffering eyes pain and giddy after the 3D movie session. Well, i don't have any high expectation towards this film, i don't know anything about warcraft also. Personally i think this film is quite nice. I won't say it is a bad movie or great movie, either.

U watch already? What do u think? Like the characters? Like the Medusa? :)

Movie : Clash of the Titans
Ratings : ★★★


  1. yup~ in 3D summore~. Zeus was like not so mighty. Medusa is great adversary and very hard to kill it. and ya, this Medusa is far beautiful compare to what the myth said~

  2. super senior! u like it? haha... i no chance watch leh!