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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

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Shopping, always will be one of the best activity for me to enlighten my weekend life :) Went to Sg.Wang and Berjaya Times Square again to kill my free time. As usual, bought few tops, dresses and shoes :) My wardrobe is real full now, gotta get myself free to tidy up my wardrobe.

.♥ Im walking from Berjaya Times Square to Sg.Wang. Never missed, I know this friend of me sure gonna snap many pics of me, even from the back. P/S: Ignore the flip-flop that i wear. I changed because my legs were tired walking after shopping at Berjaya Times Square with heels.

As usual, went to Kim Gary for lunch, wondering if there's any other nice restaurant for me to try out? Any recommendations? Im bored with the foods at Sg.Wang and Berjaya Times Square.

.♥ Kim Gary. Full-seated.

.♥ Cream soup

.♥ The dessert I hate the most. Weird taste.

.♥ The cheese baked rice that I like.


  1. i like cheese baked rice too =)

  2. I like KimGary's Cheese Bake rice as well.

  3. i prefer their pork chop spaghetti~

  4. hey why like got paparazi take ur photo one? like they follow u at the back lol

  5. If I'm not mistaken, there's another Hong Kong style restautant at sg wang, called 'U-village'. (forgot where is d actual location coz not been there long long time ald). d price is lower than Kim Gary & food quality is better than average~