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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On 10:27 PM by Connie Lam in     3 comments
Fed up with Malay's cuisine. Hence went to Face To Face Noodle House to have some hot Chinese foods with my colleagues.

.♥ The menu of Face To Face Noodle House

.♥ Sam Sam's Sarawak Noodle (original). Not to say very nice but still acceptable. At least I don't hate it.

.♥ My dry pan mee. I just like to mix original dry pan mee with homemade dry chillies, superb! :D but still i prefer kin kin's pan mee if u want me to make a comparison. See this :)

.♥ Braised pork pan mee (Can't really remember what it called). Not bad not bad :)

.♥ Chef's special pan mee in soup. Pretty big bowl.

.♥ Hmm can't remember what is this. Can't remember its taste too. Sorry ><

.♥ Iced Honey Lemon. The best drink ever during hot weather.

.♥ My ABC special hehe~ kinda like this :)


  1. oh~ look nice. i wanna try too. but where is the place?

  2. haha... took u some time to post tis up arr... busy busy person... :)

  3. Hun Wei, it was like months ago..But the food is nice!