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Sunday, February 27, 2011

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I feel so happy that I received National Science Foundation (NSF) scholarship from Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI). This is a great award as well as a powerful encouragement for me to continue striving for my postgraduate study! Ya, for u to get to know more about me, I think I should tell u this *thick face* :P  I'm officially a postgraduate student registered in University of Malaya (UM), pursuing master in medical science. It is by research and so tonnes of research works (mainly focus in virus) will keep me occupied. Tough life :(

Saturday 19-02-2011
I received the scholarship contracts during CNY holiday hence I got no spare time to deal with it. And 24-02-2011 is the last day for the students to submit the it. Things to be submitted together with the agreement included photostated I/C, stamp duty, stamping, etc. I felt nervous actually because I do nothing/ prepare nothing for the contract until 19-02-2011 only I rushed back to hometown to get the signatures from principal of secondary school. And ohh my......! Although they supposed to have additional class in that beautiful Saturday but they went off early before I reached T__T *heart-broken* So all what I can do is just WAIT..till Monday (21-02-2011).

Monday 21-02-2011
Went to my secondary school very early in the morning and thanks God i managed to get the pricipals' signature. Then i went to Hospital Mentakab for a body check up. I didn't know student have to pay for it. They charged me RM20 for the X-Ray and RM20 for the pregnancy test. I'm not really happy with the service, freaking slow, the nurse and doctor do not have work ethics as well. The doctor don't even look properly on my X-Ray and he didn't even check on me. He just asked whether am I sick? I dropped him an answer "NO" then he wrote everything "NORMAL" in my medical report and done. Sweat. Drove back to KL at around 5pm.

Tuesday 22-02-2011
Waiting for my guarantee to get his payslip for the whole day. Sweat and he didn't manage to get one for me.

Wednesday 23-02-2011 

Went off to Wisma UOA at around 7.30am to get my guarantee payslip. While waiting for him I had my breakfast at Meals Station.

Their white coffee tastes so good! I like it very much. I had butter kaya toast and half boiled eggs too, nice :) After that I drove back to UM post office to buy five RM10 duty stamps. To find a parking took me 15minutes sigh. After that I back to my lab to certified all my photostated documents such as I/C and payslips. Then I went to Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri which located at Jalan Duta. I don't know the direction and i do not have gps. I just google maps and managed to reach there safely.

And i gotta wait for like another 40 peoples only my turn to get the stamping. I wait for like around 1 hour and 45 minutes. After had my lunch with the labmates at UM, I drove to Putrajaya to submit the contracts. Luckily i took the correct route and reached there safely at 3.45pm. Met one of my UKM friends, feel so bad that she can recognizes me but I do not know her at all. Contracts submitted and I drove back to UM. It is already 5pm++. 

I feel so exhausted but happy too, now I'm waiting for the government and UM to bank in the scholarship $$$ to me muahhahahha :D

Ohh ya, nextime i shouldn't have prepare all these things at last minute. It is so risky.


  1. congratz, may all the best to you~ You are so geng...

  2. grats . . . and your font of the wording may be to fancy XD

  3. hi, good site very much appreciatted

  4. congratulation dear... abit late but truly from my heart!! =)