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Friday, February 18, 2011

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Happy birthday to Xin Yan (my lovely housemate), a very sweet and friendly girl ♥

Sharp at 12am, we gave her a birthday surprise. We bought her a cake. Ain't the cake looks just so flavorful and decorated? :D Although it was not a big surprise but I think it will be a memorable one. Everyone wants to feel remembered, loved and celebrated on their birthday, isn't it? :)

Tadaa..... Xin Yan! I just love her smile. She is so cheerful all the time and happy-go-lucky.

Last but not least, group photo. Presents to u my housemates: Evon, Xin Yan, Shireen, Shirlin, Tze Lun and Smith :D


  1. Happy birthday to ur housemate...

    i agree that the cake looks very flavorful...lol