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Friday, February 25, 2011

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It's not too late yet to blog and share about all the happenings during Chinese New Year right? This update gonna be a short one because my rabbit CNY's day one just nothing much to talk about. This year I'm not really longing for the arrival of CNY, it seems getting more and more boring year by year. Most of the friends are not back in hometown and holiday is getting less and less. 

Day 1
Didn't manage to pay a visit to any relatives house, only gathered with friends. First stop at Esther's house, second stop at Pei Wei's house then Thomas's house and last Kent's house. Actually we snapped many photos with Bopet's DSLR but he is way too slow to upload the pictures on facebook and it is really difficult to get all the photos from him. 

And this is why i can only share one group photo of us here................for u
♥ This is a very nice group photo, isn't it? I like this picture very much.

Besides, we also bought a small piece of birthday cake for Wei Shien since he always complaining that he has to share one birthday cake with others (either Ling Ying or Cheng Kit) haha.

There goes my 1st day of rabbit CNY in year 2011.

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