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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

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Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! 

I'm back in hometown (Mentakab, Pahang) since Monday, together with my youngest brother. Can't wait to celebrate this long-waiting CNY hehe although it's gonna be a short and rush one. Why? Because I'm only available on Chor Yat (初一) to gather with friends and to visit relatives. Pity -__- I wish i can have more time to go wild and crazy with the Mentakab-old-friends. Luckily we had one gathering on CNY eve to celebrate LY's birthday. Not bad, 18 of us :) 

Ohh ya, we bought Secret Recipe's green tea cheese cake for her. For me, it tastes a bit weird though, maybe I'm not a big fans of green tea. Try it and judge urself.

Good day nice friends awesome gathering! 

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  1. wahhh! big family leh! :D like 18 all total or more?