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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

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Guess none of u ever heard about Mr. Bear cafe, right? Coz it's a new concept cafe which located at a small town in Pahang (Mentakab). But if there's the other Mr. Bear cafe, please do lemme now. I won't hesitate to pay a visit to check it out, to try on new foods, etc. 

Speaking of "Mr. Bear", I thought I supposed to see many bear bear decorations in the cafe, but none! except the winnie the pooh ring folder which contains the menu (as shown in the picture below). A lil bit disappointed hmmm..

.♥ The winnie the pooh ring folder... yupez they put the food menu inside such cute ring folder...

.♥ The menu. A lil bit disappointed too because they served most of the mamak/restaurant foods only such as fried rice, mee etc. Nothing really special, sigh!

.♥ The internal design of the cafe. So pinkish so cute right? It attracts many youngsters especially those secondary school students.

.♥ The external design of the cafe. So lovely and classic isn't it? They should named the cafe "Princess Cafe" :DD

.♥ Now introduce to u the drink ordered by my sister - hot flower tea with honey, RM 2.50 only. For me, it just tastes like honey drink that u can make urself at home. Just so common and i don't know why my sister like it so much.

.♥ My iced lemon tea, RM 2.50 only. The worst ever iced lemon tea that i had tried sweat to the max (-__-)lll So sour! I guess they forget to put in some sugar/ honey??

.♥ My sister ordered salted egg chicken with white rice, RM5.50. Surprisingly it tastes good! 

.♥ And i ordered butter fish with white rice, RM 6.00. Recently I had consumed many chicken hence i go for fish. It tastes okay only. I prefer the salted egg chicken maybe the fish don't really match with the butter.

.French fries, RM 3.00. I didn't know nowadays french fries is so expensive. This small portion costs RM 3 -__- I think with additional few bucks u can buy a very big packet of fries in Carefour/Giant/Tesco etc.

.Butter soft shell crab, RM 7.00. Another side order, don't be surprise that both of us have such big appetite hehe. I have to recommend this, really nice. Nicer than the one i used to order in Zanmai Sushi hehe.

.♥ Last but not least, a picture of me with the not-so-nice-iced-lemon-tea. Hope u enjoy reading this post :) 

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Muackkks! :)


  1. hi!

    wah...so big contrast between the restaurant name n the food served...swtt

    errr...so few only the french fries? at least food still edible la..lol

  2. nice relaxing hangout spot! no bear paw to eat kah? lol! (just kidding, i love animal...)

  3. i love the menu pooh bear ring file! I had one last time..

  4. thanks for your recommend~ haha, if next time go for Penang, I might try some food there..