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Monday, May 19, 2008

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18th of May... a wonderful and graceful sunday...
After a week of working days, i'm really keen on going for shopping to satisfy myself...
Let's just kick back and enjoy the weekend ^^
The happiest moment for girls and ladies =D but only if u got lots of cash in ur hand and ur wallet is available.. lolx... Somehow, we shouldn't be a reckless spender...

One Utama... There i went for shopping, with my dear.. Quite crowded in almost every shop and we were jostled by the crowd... Even pay also need to wait for a long queue...

♥ I'm just bought two formal shirts which both also in black color. Absolutely it is my style - always crazy with and cant resist black color stuff =D

♥ Ladies long sleeve shirt, brand AGENDA, $ 29.00, size XS..
♥ Never heard of this brand before, but i'm just like the design of the shirt so muccchh, yet the price is reasonable *wink*

♥ Ladies 3/4 sleeve shirt, brand PADINI, $99.00 ( after 50% discount it only cost u $ 49.50), size S...
♥ Padini a familiar brand with lot of choices and options. Its decorative design quite like boyish or guy-ish but since he said it suit me quite nicely so i bought it ~_~

We were craving for palatable and mouth-watering food after shopping for half day...
Hence he suggested to go for a dinner nearby SS2 ...
A restaurant named Yu Ai which sell tomyam, curry and soup seafood mihun, mee etc... yum yum ~~
To be frankly, i don't really like spicy food but the tomyam and curry seafood here really drooling *thumbs up*

♥ Their customer not only chinese but also Indian and Malay.. i saw youth, family, uncle and auntie...

♥ I ordered a TOMYAM SEAFOOD MIHUN.. Small de $15.00.. Big de $17.00..
Kinda expensive right ? but worth it... A lot of seafoods inside, big prawns, sotong, oyster, chicken/fish slices, lala lala... yum yum ^^ Not very spicy but quite sour...

♥ He ordered a CURRY SEAFOOD MIHUN... $15.00 also... Curry 1 got additional tau fu pok... Not very spicy but still taste good!!!

♥ Ju-Lian & cOnNie @ Yu Ai Restaurant =) We were so hot and sweating after the meal >.<'''

♥ Clean and Clear lolx =D

Amazing!! Such a huge portion of tomyam seafood mihun also cant feed my stomach to the full.

Oh my goodness!! Seriously i need to control my diet, else if i get much fatter i will burst my clothes..

But my diet plan always ruin by those yummylicious foods.. *disappointed*

Hence we went to SS2 Wai Sek Kai to buy cool and refreshing sugar cane drinks aka our favourite drinks ^^

Yeah ~


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