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Thursday, May 22, 2008

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Again... insomnia again....

5 in the morning... what am i doing right now ?
surfing net.. reading somethings that can brighten me up.... night-dreaming... thinking and considering about smthgs... confusing bout smthgs... brooding on whether life is worth living..

Supposingly today is a nice day..
At last, i grabbed the chance to have a light dinner with Emily, his boyfriend and ying ying....
Here we go - Old Town White Coffee shop which located at Menara Hap Seng...

♥ Cozy environment for chit-chatting but the music there erm herm made me sleepy zzz .. and yeah ice blended white coffee =D

Lolx never thought that they all are english educated one >.<'''
So funny that Emily's bf cant understand and speak mandarin... and his slang is so . . .. made me LOL..
They are so nice, friendly, easygoing and funny =D made me feels like im kinda bashful and quiet..
Between, they are such a sweet couple, definitely, no doubt...
They are so respecting each others, concerning bout each others in a appropriable way, giving each others own rights to meet or get to know new friends, and they even hang out together with each others' bunch of frens etc... *kinda jealous*

Everything is just fine in the beginning, we chat, joke and laugh...
Im feeling comfortable to chit-chat with them at least, even i need to speak in english >.<'''

However, worst and unlucky thing is happened out of a sudden and everything were just out of my prediction that someone will be understandable...
Haiz.. A hard cheese incident just happened and ruined my dinner... *embarrassing*
I trying to be calmed and chilled myself as i really dislike CONTROVERSY and TIFF !!
Between im freaking tired and energy-less to fight or ...
I deemed it prudent not to say anythings since TRUTH WILL PREVAIL...
Why cant we human just be tolerable to each other? Why always want to be a selfish one?
Every thing have its right or wrong.. Why every thingy of mine sure a WRONG one??

Haiz.. Im feeling so down to hell..
That's why i forget to take some photos with them and guess i don't have the mood to do so...
Never predict that i will have such a worst ends of day...
Since the last few stupid and thorn-like incidents which going to engrave in my heart forever, i trying to be as cheerful as usual and pretended everything is just fine and wokie..
But things seems like gone worst and worst until sometimes i really think that i shouldn't be so kind anymore and shouldn't curb my temper anymore...
Im quiet but it doesn't means that u can do anythings u like with no limit and boundary, with no respect..
Every thing is so unfair to me!!

Life should be a journey without worries...!!

Some advices :
Don't judge the 'crime' until u know the circumstances...
Don't be a stern disciplinarian... Else u will make the ppl surrounds u suffocating...


  1. hmmm.. insomnia.. i once had... so i go take some sleeping pill from PK.. den after that feel better d:D

    and ur chit chatting story like very blur lei.. I don't understand it..

    what unlucky thing happened?

  2. but im now nt in ukm ma...dun hav sleeping pill oso T_T

    very blur aR?
    herm... actually wat i wanna emphasize and share here is juz who i meet and wat kind of person they are..

    somethgs worst lor which ruined my dinner and spoilt my mood!!

  3. lol:D... interesting... well usually in this kind of situation.. I prefer to smile and enjoy my dinner.. eventhough I feel uneasy eating with that particular person..

  4. lolx XD
    yeah.... im enjoying my dinner at 1st...
    i didnt feeling uneasy when dinner wif them..
    juz them someone else nt wif us disturb and spoilt the dinner...

  5. i hope yours bf have read yours blog,
    sigh, take care popcorn