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Monday, October 12, 2009

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Being a research assistant in department of medical microbiology in University Malaya is not as easy as i think. Here u need to learn all the basic cleaning stuff and some routine works such as filling the tips, autoclaving, pipette washing etc, at least. Then u gotta learn and master all the lab techniques from senior master or phD before u r assigned to certain research project and apply for master. Haiz. So i guess i only can apply for my master/phD (still in consideration whether wanna skip master or not) next year.

07.10.09 Wednesday
We have nothing to do in the morning, hence senior asked us to learn how to clean the freezer. Im stoning because i never do that and we have to clean 3 freezers. Faint*

♥ Here are the ice-breaking tools. The spanner is quite big and heavy (for me)..

♥ My labmate. Both of us are the newcomers in this lab. She is enjoying this ice-breaking work. But no thought, we two and another labmate keep laughing and have fun haha XD macam kids jeh~

♥ Im the ice-breaker :D Don't know when we need to clean the freezer again zz. After clean the freezer in the morning, we clean the water bath in the evening haiz.

It has been two weeks im working in that department. Go to work at 9am, leave the lab at 7pm or 8pm++ (im the first one who leave ><) and u can see all the seniors still busy or concentrating on their works. Actually im not complaining. The works are easy, not any uphill tasks, just that i feel so exhausted and suffering leg pain everyday.

Feeling kinda worry that whether myself can really fit into such a hectic and stressful lab life, they all are very good and experienced. Many research assistants come and go, they cant bear with it (This is what senior told us). But there's one thing they sure with "If u can survive in this lab, there's no problem for u to survive in anywhere any lab". This sounds scary weyyyy T_T

Maybe this is a good chance to train myself to be more discipline and stronger. I will take this challenge and i wanna survive till the end!!


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  2. is happy and proud that you have that +ve thinking =)
    Got one tym, i told one of a teacher in the school that i dun really like to work in the lab cos it is quite stressful and many works. the teacher said like this to me:"ya ke? Teacher's works also many" =_=
    im not surprise she said so but i think if she has the chance to try to work in the lab, i think she will know then XD

  3. wish u luck...never expect u in medical microb lab! WOW...where are the rest? i mean ur batch of people?

  4. Old refrigerator freezer usually have this lor...

    Just switch off the power and open the door..

    Very fast the ice at the side will start to melt and it will be easy job...

    The problem is you need to find place to temporary keep those frozen stuff.

    Or you can just eat it all b4 cleaning the freezer. That is what I use to do with all the ice-cream :)