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Friday, October 9, 2009

On 2:12 PM by Connie Lam     1 comment
Went to this restaurant for dinner with my parents and sister. It considers as one of the famous restaurant in Mentakab.

♥ Restoran Anjung Fukuday.. Sounds like a Japanese restaurant? It's not but a chinese cuisine restaurant :)

♥ Daddd and mummys' leong char, sister's barli milk and my watermelon :)

♥ This is the hokkien people food "sour pig leg" 猪脚醋. My mum all time favorite. I don't know what it called exactly in english. Non halal one lolz...

♥ My order - Sizzling cheezy pork chop with white rice and soup. Also non halal one haha XD

♥ Mum's order - Ginger onion chicken with rice...

♥ Dad's order - Kung Po chicken with rice..

♥ Sister's order - Ku lok yok with rice...

I don't really remember the price of each dishes. But the price is reasonable and i think consider as cheap if compared with other restaurant.

Spent a very great dinner with my parents. Talked to them alots about my future, sharing alots of stuff etc. Lurrvveee*

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  1. controlling my airliur now scared it drops........