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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

On 7:55 PM by Connie Lam in     3 comments
Im wondering why is it so difficult to get some cheaper foods in the area around UM ? We're so fed up with the Malay mixed rice, everyday eating the same chicken and vege. They never try different cooking styles like chinese hor? Sob ~~~

A day which we kinda free and have not much lab works to do. So we decided to drive out and look for some chinese foods in SS17. Saw a restaurant which was full-seated with OL & OM. It attracted us, seems like there's some yummylicious food haha. Oops, it is actually Ipoh Hor Fun and the uncle keeps on promoting that their hor fun is the best ><||| Hence, we ordered that and also pak cham gai (for 1 person).

♥ Ipoh hor fun RM4. Wow, it's really yummy and the uncle didn't tell lies. The soup is nice too.

♥ Pak Cham Gai (for 1 person) RM6.. This one also not bad. But it is a bit too expensive...

Finally we can have some good lunch :)
A nice day ~


  1. There shud b a lot of cheap food around dat area laa.. coz of students...

    SS17 there got a lot of econ rice, shud be rather cheap... two years back i eat is 2veggie 2 meat RM2.50, but u must let the person take for u, u just point point.. hehe...

    if u take urself, then it's exp! hahha

  2. Ya Ipoh Hor fun really looks nice wor... XD Where ah the shop? Maybe i can go try also... XD

  3. ngek ngek....
    look very 清淡...
    i like it ^^