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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

On 3:40 PM by Connie Lam     2 comments
It is just the 4th day im working in department of medical microbiology, University Malaya and professor asked us to join a seminar on biosafety in microbiology laboratory. The seminar started at 8.30am and lasted until 12.30pm.

♥ Seminar "Introduction to Biosafety Level 3" by Antony James Della-Porta Bsc PhD FASM GAICD ~

♥ Feeling kinda sleepy in the midst of seminar and we yawning in a nice manner (we r polite one :p) . Hence my colleague gave me Dentyne to chew to get rid of the sleepiness haha xD

The seminar is a bit boring and i don't really understand what's the information or messages they want to deliver to us. Spotted many people dozed off halfway through the seminar haha. I think it is just normal.

Quite a nice day though. Have fun chatting and doing lab works with my colleagues =D


  1. connie, your working palace now at UM?

  2. very surprise....now u r in um med mirobe?....under which prof?