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Saturday, October 10, 2009

On 5:45 PM by Connie Lam     2 comments
Went to KLCC to meet up with a friend but he has to work till 6pm++ and so i decided to watch a movie alone while waiting for him. There are only two movies available at 4pm++, dance flick and murderer. Heard from my friends that murderer is a very nice movie and worth a watch, thus i decided to watch this movie.

Movie : Murderer
Ratings : ★★★★

Guess what? There are only 7 peoples (included me) inside the cinema hall and what awkward is im the only one girl, sweat. Indeniable, this movie is so horror with all the gore scenes. Like the opening scene which about a man fall from xx stories ( i forget jor haha) onto the floor, blood all over his body (i only can see red color) really scare me alots and i straight away closing my eyes with my hands, almost kill my heartbeats. Thanks god that i didnt have a nightmare after watched this. Do not watch it if u r phobia with blood zz.

I felt relief after out from the cinema~ ~


  1. unexpected the kid is murderer...

  2. The movie is so powerfully promising only for the first 15 minutes.