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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

On 3:48 PM by Connie Lam     4 comments
Today can be considered as a special day? Why am i ask so? Do u realize that today is 3rd of March and it's Wednesday~ haha 0303 might be the number for the first price of Magnum, Kuda and Toto sports, who knows? right? haha :D

0303 Wednesday, a nice date (for me). But it isn't a good day for me. I'm suffering period pain and on MC today. Couldn't have a good rest at home also, gotta complete an uphill task given by boss. Since today is a nice date, present to u my nice buddy - Mr. Patrick :)

.♥ Yeah, my Mr. Patrick posting in front of my laptop screen with my bloggie site as background :D A very nice shot, isn't it? My Mr.Patrick is just so cute and good-looking :)


  1. harap harap is 0303
    LOL even though i didn't buy...wakaka

  2. 0303 is not my day....yeah, i shud buy 0303 number, maybe strike and i can be happy again...

  3. Ooo..u also got the dog dog!!!
    i got a big one..hoho~!