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Thursday, March 11, 2010

On 3:35 PM by Connie Lam     8 comments
Again, I fall sick. Really pek chek! This time I'm suffering headache for consecutive days and flu. Really don't know what's wrong with my body, damn weak. Went to see doctor just now, surprisingly that he told me my blood pressure is a bit HIGH. He asked me to rest more and gimme a MC. What response am i suppose to give the doctor? I just stunned and nodded my head.

Current status : SICK, MOODLESS

♥ Am i look like a sick cat ? My friends ever mentioned that i everyday also look like a sick person with a pale look..


  1. you look fine.. but get well soon =)

  2. yeah u do look pale... get well soon connie :)

  3. kenwooi
    ♥ thanks thanks :)

    HenRy LeE
    ♥ thanks thanks ohh~

    Kim Choo =)
    ♥ yeah will take care~~

  4. take care yourself! =) the weather is bloody hot, drink more water!

    will link you in my blog under Nuffnanger!

    i dye my hair PURPLE, then after 1 month, the color fades and it is now RED, but not really red. it is more like RED + BROWN. =D

  5. Tan Coerlly
    ♥ thanks thanks, sweetie :)

    Baboon Tan
    ♥ Yeah i will take care and drink more water~ thanks for link me up ya :) Anyway, i like ur current hair color, looks nicer alots than my hair color~