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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

On 12:26 AM by Connie Lam     2 comments
Went to watch Little Big Soldier with my parents and brother in Tropicana Mall GSC cinema last weekend. Surprisingly, don't know since when my parents are so addicted to watch movie in the cinema haha and they watch more frequently than me, unbelievable. Initially, our plan is to watch 72 Tenants of Prosperity but all the nice seats are booked/sold out. So we changed to another movie since we are wondering too how Wang Lee Hom would be in the film.

Movie : Little Big Soldier
Ratings : ★★

If u want me to write a review about this movie, im don't really have the rough idea on how to put it into words. I just can say the plot is very simple and lacking of turning points/climax. The humor is there too but not hard-hitting enough. Besides, there's not much action scenes as what i expected. But still i enjoy this entertaining movie with the 1901 New York Chicken and Coke keke :D


  1. i didnt watch movie for quite some time edy.. this year i only watched once.. but in Dublin! lol..

    eh new movie from jackie ar.. must watch! =D


  2. haha u muz learn to write review oso la...i wanted to read review for tis movie -.-"