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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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Just get to know about an upcoming comedy film "Date Night" which will be released on this coming April 13 from Nuffnang. For your information, Nuffnang is giving chance for the first 90 bloggers who write and send in their "My Date Night" blog permalink to win a pair of invites to catch "Date Night" in the big screen. It sounds so interesting and attracts my attention. Without think once, think twice, third fourth fifth and so on, i decided to join since what i need to do is just share out my most memorable date (with some good foods). Sharing is caring, ain't it? :)

This post actually gimme a chance to write and reminisce. Believe it or not, I have been with my boyfriend for nine years long although in between there were a number of obstacles that obstruct us. Sometimes Im really feel that our dates are just too ordinary and he never wants to give some surprise. But there was once which i still can remember vividly he dropped me a surprise. I was fall sick and my this workaholic boyfriend never shown up. Again he told me tonnes of works doesn't allow him to leave office earlier to visit me. When Im still mumbling over the phone and upset about this, someone suddenly knocked on my door. And when i opened my door, "Oh My God" he is there stood in front of me. I was stunned and he gimme a tight hug. My heart melted.

After that he brought me to 21st Century Cafe nearby for a date, a very nice dating place highly recommended for couples. U can actually spend a pleasurable and restful dinner with the awesome night scenes and of course delightful western foods that the cafe served. Oops, I know Im sick. But arr Im very stubborn and wanted to eat western food so much, so he surrendered and finally brought me there haha :D )

.♥ Yeah, he and me. Please bear with my ugly sick look, I must show u some photos else this post going to be very tedious, monotonous and dull.

.♥ The beautiful night scene u can see from the Cafe.

.♥ Garlic bread

.♥ Mushroom soup. I don't know why is it green color. But it tastes good, maybe due to the "SMILE =) " on the soup.

.♥ Grilled lamb chop.

.♥ Maryland Chicken Chop. Sometimes Im wondering why they wanna serve it together with a banana? Doesn't it looks weird and the tastes ain't match with the chicken chop.

.♥ Sweet date sweet love sweet couple :) U will be always in my heart.

.♥ And the sweet kiss.

.♥ And yeah forget to mention, we captured many pictures in this Cafe. There's swimming pool. Again, please bear with my ugly sick cat look :D

For u maybe it is just an ordinary date which might dun worth a mention. But for me it's a special and memorable one :) And yeah, last but not least, hope we can go to watch "Date Night" this comedy together if i win the ticket :)

Movie Plot : In New York City, a case of mistaken identity turns a bored married couple's attempt at a glamorous and romantic evening into something more thrilling and dangerous.


  1. 21st Century Cafe in Kajang? If, yeah it really a nice place with nice night scene. Wish u can win the tickets and watch 2gather with him. Haha..a lot of lucks to u...:P

  2. hey, are u forgot to mention where's the cafe located? hahaha~ im really wanted to know... ^^ anyway, wish u good luck for the ticket winning...

  3. 不知去向的Shan7
    ♥ thanks thanks my dear~ yeah it is 21st century cafe which located at Kajang~ u been there before?

    ღ jOsepHinE ღ
    ♥ thanks for ur luck hehe~ It is 21st Century Cafe. Located at Kajang.

    Isley Chang
    ♥ thanks thanks :)

  4. is it the one we went before?
    foods so familiar ~
    btw, happy to see ur sweet date ^^