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Friday, March 19, 2010

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Hey all, it has been awhile since my last update. Do u miss me? Haha =D Please pardon me coz i was very busy with my research proposal writing and some trifling matter. Here's come an simple update - Shopping day with my friend :)

.♥ Yeah this is how i dress up on that day to One Utama for shopping. I guess this is the very first time i wear such pinkish outfit. And to clarify, Im not trying to use this picture to match with my blog template :D

.♥ Bought a Soda Men's belt. I like the design and the promoter told me that this belt is hot selling

.♥ Stepped into The Face Shop for the very first time after i get fed up with Skin Food since 1997 and bought the acne brightening serum and Blemish Balm Cream after being persuaded by the pretty salesgirl ><''

.♥ The Blemish Balm Cream aka BB cream. Highly recommended this*

.♥ And get this very pretty pinkish cosmetic beg from The Face Shop, it is a free gift :) Suddenly there are so many pinkish things been added to my wardrobe or collection.

A simple yet enjoyable day though i spent quite a lots and it burned a big hole on my wallet.


  1. Ooo~!!!i like the pinky bag`!!! nice girl!

  2. i m The Face shop member and Skin Food member so far!
    nice to meet u ^^

  3. O_o the only thing I ever bought from for facial stuffs is Body Shop lol