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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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I had abandoned my blog for a period of time. Now it's the time for me to back and active in blogging again. Here comes an interesting update regarding palatable western foods at Simply Fish which located at Malacca. It is a restaurant with a cozy Mediterranean ambiance which specialized in seafoods. I think those who studying or staying in Malacca will definitely knows about this restaurant and thumbs up for their delightful mouthwatering foods.

Cut the craps. Lemme share with u three of the dishes that i had tried :)

.♥ Simply Fish's menu.

.♥ Ice-blended oreo vanilla

.♥ Present to u greenish piece of fish which coated with pesto. I know what response or expression u going to give when u look at this picture. "OMG, this is very ugly and looks yucky!", u would say and doubt about it. Yeah, it doesn't look delightful but it tastes very nice!

.♥ Naked fish. Nice too, but a bit too dry for me.

.♥ Creamy cheese New Zealand mussels with toasts. This is a must try. Im really in love with this and miss it so much. I would definitely pay a visit to this restaurant again for this dish during the next visit to Malacca.

Those who staying or studying in Malacca but didn't know about the existence of this restaurant. Don't wait anymore, quick visit for their palatable foods especially if u like fish :)


  1. the greenish piece of fish and the mussels look good leh! yummy!

    The CleverMunkey

  2. wonder if this one better than manhattan fish market?

  3. I've just go with my wife yesterday. It's a nice restaurant.