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Friday, March 12, 2010

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Want to know what is ur korean name? Simple easy steps.

1) Visit the link below:

2) Select ur gender

3) Key in ur name
Notes : Put in your Last name first, then your first name. SPLIT YOUR FIRST NAME IN TWO PARTS. That way you'll get the most similar name :)

4) Click and u get ur delightful korean name :)

For my korean name, I key in "Lam Connie" instead of "Lam Co nnie" because :
Lam Connie gives the korean name Lim Yeon Young
Lam Co nnie gives the korean name Lim Soo Neul
I prefer Lim Yeon Young more haha XD

Do share with me what's ur Korean name kay? :)
Enjoy and have a nice day! Lurveeee*

My Korean name is Lim Yeon Young.
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  1. i got Lim Chan Ji... why all is Lim de?

  2. mine is Lee Wan Jong or Shin Hee Hee... wth! :(

  3. H@n w31
    ♥ Im also dunno why all is Lim haha~ Liau and Lam in Korean is Lim? @@

    HenRy LeE
    ♥ haha why wth! and :( pulak? u dun like ur korean name? haha :D

  4. Mine is Han Heon Hyo

    all start with H...LOL

  5. I dun think it is correct. Alot of ppl with far different name gt the same korean name XD

  6. Mine is Moom Chan Rin
    My Best is Min Ji Chan

  7. Choi Hyun Ah was mine~ I REALLY like that name!!!! thanks so much for the posts!!!!

  8. actually another way of finding out your Korean name can be taking your Chinese name and using a Chinese-Korean dictionary and translating it over. It's more accurate that way (:

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