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Thursday, April 22, 2010

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This week is really a hectic week.

Monday 19-04-10
Was on mc due to body ache :(

Tuesday 20-04-10
Attended a MGRC's Genomics and Bioinformatics Workshop for Medical Applications, which held at the MGRC Training Centre, Mid-Valley City, Kuala Lumpur. Shouldn't go into details what this workshop about because guess most of the people will not understand and u definitely will not have any interest on this if u are not in research or science field. Let's have a look on some of the pictures i managed to get from their website hehe, see if u can spot me ?

.♥ If not mistaken, there were 37 of us who joined this workshop.

.♥ Personally i like this training lab. Comfortable.

.♥ Do u spot a familiar face in this picture? *Ignore that two leng lui guai muis first* Haha XD

.♥ You should be able to spot a familiar face here, i guess. Haha XD

Wednesday 21-04-10
Attended another workshop, that's Qiagen Automation Workshop with the theme "New Era In Genotyping and Epigenetic Study" (main focus on pyrosequencing and high resolution melt analysis) which held at Mandarin Oriental. Okay, guess u wouldn't have any interest to hear more about this workshop too. What impressed me during this workshop was only the foods haha, mouth-watering one with variety of choices :) And they gave out Hp Netbook for the lucky draw, but too bad we were not lucky enough to get it. Besides, like the souvenir that they gave.

.♥ Nice packaging box. Try and guess what's inside before u proceed to the next picture :)

.♥ It just looks like a key chain, ain't it? Like the design.

.♥ U can actually open it up.

.♥ And it is actually not just a key chain, but a pendrive. 4GB one. Cool right? I love it love it :)

Thursday 22-04-10
Whole day was in the lab busy with the RT-PCR thingy for the sequencing project. Then went around the department just to collect some form. Don't have time to log into my facebook to play Castle Age haha. Im kinda addicted to Castle Age, gg already. Never thought of i will join in my colleagues for this kind of game haha. But i think this game applications do strengthen the relationship bond among us.

Friday 23-04-10
Will be on leave. Im not slacking anyway. Gotta go back to UKM which is so far away from PJ just to get lecturers to fill in referee forms prior to my postgraduate application. Bus-KL Central-ktm-UKM station-bus/taxi-faculty of science and technology, UKM-go home using the same route. Such a long journey sign. Quite some time i didn't take public transport, hopefully i wont get lost or got kidnapped by someone haha.

Saturday and Sunday
To be updated soon :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

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A super-outdated-movie-review, sorry guys. Don't know why i will choose to watch this movie in the cinema although Im not the type of person who so into epic tale. I went into the cinema with nothing but optimism. And out of expectation, most of the people in the cinema hall are uncle aunties instead of young people like us. Doubtlessly Chow Yun-Fat is fantastic as Confucius, but i have nothing much to speak about this movie because one word means it all - CONFUSE. Yeah Im so confuse while Im watching Confucius, sweat. I couldn't follow the flow of the movie and I keep yawning. Sigh, not going to watch this kind of movie anymore, a big NO NO.

Movie : Confucius
Starring : Chow Yun-Fat, Zhou Xun and Lu Yao
Ratings : ★★

Friday, April 16, 2010

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What to do?
1. Kill a few flies
2. Put them in the sun to dry for one hour
3. Once they are dry, pick a pencil and paper.
4. Let your imagination flow :)

Here are few examples :

Haha creative one. Maybe u can give a try too.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

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Had my first visit to Feeling Cafe which located at Wangsa Maju for my dinner. Kinda like the place, the environment and the ambiance which make me feels calm and relax. Doubtlessly is a good place for friends to hang out. Spotted many students (most of them are studying in UTAR, i guess) brings along their laptop, surfing net while enjoying their foods and drinks. There has singing performance as well.

.♥ Feeling Cafe's menu. Spotted their homepage? Feel free to visit them at http://www.feelingcafe.com.my/

.♥ This cafe is almost fully seated.

.♥ Jasmine tea (for two persons), RM8.90. They serves many types of flower and herb teas, for example mint, charmomile, rose, lavender and ginseng. U can go for their horoscope drink too, which personally i think it is nice and cheap (RM8.90).

.♥ Milan special cheese and ham chicken chop, RM14.90

.♥ Black pepper lamb shoulder, RM15.90

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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Received this from a courier company, they delivered it to my working place (the lab). It was quite surprising. Everyone in the lab was discussing on who's the secret admire and somehow this made me feels awkward, i don't know why. Anyway, special thanks to the one who bought and gave this to me to wish me happy birthday in advance.

Monday, April 12, 2010

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Surprisingly that i received this invitation email from Nuffnang to attend the screening of Date Night on 13th of April :) Thanks alots Nuffnang! Anyone of u going?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

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Current Mood:

Just back from 12hours++ shopping and foods hunting, doubtlessly today a blissful day and i enjoyed to the max. But I don't know why i feel moody instead of happy when Im home. I feel uneasy and uncomfortable especially my heart. Sort of like lacking of something which is unexplainable by words. Don't have the sense of belonging? Feeling insecure? I don't know :(

Friday, April 9, 2010

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It's likely that I'll make a major change in the way I do things from now on. But not because someone is telling me to. This change happens as the result of a remarkable insight or realization about my current or previous course of action, like realizing that I'm traveling in the wrong direction. I'll need to pay special attention to unusual or non-ordinary events because these often carry the message of change. The way to succeed is to think of psychic perceptions as being the peripheral vision of the mind, not delusions.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

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Location: BBQ Chicken Restaurant, Jaya One
Event: Benny's farewell dinner
Leng zai leng lui: Benny, Hun Wei, Boon Teong, Shih Keng, Sam, Eva, Ee Lin and Connie (me)

Had a very simple but delightful farewell dinner at BBQ Chicken Restaurant which located at Jaya One. Felt kinda upset that Benny (a guy with loads of humorous words and never stop put a smile on ur face) is going to leave us. Anyway, all the best in his future undertakings and hopes that he can spare some time to meet up with us once in awhile.

Now Im going to share with u the foods we had tried on that night, a total of eight different orders. Get prepare some tissues in case ur saliva is dripping looking at those picha which makes u drooling :P Most of their foods are nice (especially the Korean Charbroiled Sandwich) minus off the beef burger which tastes a little bit weird. If u fond of eating chicken or bbq stuff, u can go for it.

.♥ Hot Hot Drums (RM15.50)

.♥ Korean Charbroiled RM17.90

.♥ Korean Charbroiled Sandwich RM18.90

.♥ Beef Burger RM13.80

.♥ Olive Luxury Chicken RM14.90

.♥ Korean Charbroiled Salad RM11.90

.♥ The only dish served with rice, can't remember its name and the price ><

.♥ Jerk BBQ RM15.90

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

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Date : 20/03/10
Location: Mid Valley
Leng zai leng lui: Boon Teong, Sam, Eva, Ee Lin, Connie and Hun Wei

Went out for a movie date with colleagues in Mid Valley then only I know there's such an awesome Alice In Wonderlands theme decorations in the Center court. Great one and we snapped a few pictures. Let's catch a glimpse on the picha!

.♥ The entrance to the world of Alice In Wonderlands :)

.♥ The stage and the backdrop

.♥ Right in front the stage there's a revamped tea party decorations

.♥I felt this is scary maybe due to their face expression.

.♥ The small and big mushrooms. Awesome one. They made up of sponge.

.♥ Boon Teong, Sam, Eva, Connie and Hun Wei. We are wearing a nice combination of color.

.♥ Just three of us with the mushroom.

.♥ Last but not least, a photo we snapped from the top floor.

Friday, April 2, 2010

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This is my third visit to the Dong Zen Temple with my family. As usual, we are there to enjoy the beautiful sights of plum blossoms and peace lanterns. Im feeling dizzy today, so i wouldn't go into details about this and so let's catch a glimpse of the photos :)

.♥ Basically these are the environment of Dong Zen Temple and the awesome lantern decorations u can see from the photos.

.♥ These are something consider special or new which they didn't have it last year. Awesome one, especially the dolphin. I like it :)

.♥ This one is really attractive with so many little cute Buddhas. Sorry i couldn't take a nice picture of this due to the kid who wanna snap picture with the Ultraman pose. He stood there and pose for quite some time and i have no patience to wait for him.

.♥ This wheel is another main attractant. It looks nice in real.

.♥ As usual, they will have 12 animal zodiacs which will emanate light

.♥ Other light decorations which amazed people.

.♥ Last but not least- the THREE GOOD: do good deeds, say good words and think good thought. We should practice this.

U been there before? If yes then i would like u to share ur experience or thoughts with me and other readers. If no then u should go and visit next year.

Hope u enjoy the photos. Btw, kindly click on the link below http://connie-stillbelieve.blogspot.com/2009/03/lantern-and-flora-festival.html for my second visit to Dung Zen Temple. Have a good day! :D