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Thursday, March 5, 2009

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Have u ever heard about Fo Guang Shan (FGS) Dong Zen Temple..?
Went to there with my beloved family two three weeks ago =)
I don't really know its exact location. Jelutong? Banting? or Jenjarom? @_@
This is a must-visit-place where u can get to enjoy the beautiful sights of plum blossoms and peace lanterns.

This is my 2nd time visit to FGS with my family.
Pics sharing time ;)

♥ Floor plan of FGS Dong Zen Temple..

♥ It's sunday and for sure there will be crowded with people..

♥ Peace lanterns which can bring peace and happiness to the visitors

♥ My brother, sister and I ;)

♥ The cultural show - dragon dance

♥ Spotted an Ultraman in the dark sky while im busy snapping pics around.
♥ So cute!!

♥ Connie with Little Buddha

♥ With them, im like a kid *memorable*

♥ Beautiful right..? Girls always love flowers ;p

♥ My brother mimics the Little Buddha, sweat...

♥ Some random pics of us, the girls ;)

♥ The 12 animal zodiacs which will emanate light

♥ Can u see the picture of giant and tiny? lol

We were hungry and craving for foods and water after a long walk.
Noticed that there are not much restaurants in this place.
I almost died of thirst and hunger! *Just kidding =p
And i ate too much that night.
If i get much fatter i will burst my clothes T___T

♥ Curry mee, this is nice!!

♥ Nothing special, just a mihun soup but enough to satisfy my stomach

♥ The Sotong bakar *yumyum*

The best ever ABC in the world that quenced my thrist ;)

We had a rattling time *ineffable joy* =D


  1. Wow! Lantern festival at FGS ?? looks soo grand...lolx!
    Lanterns pic looks nice at nite, when are u goin to take me there hahaha!
    did u make a wish at the wishing well? lol

  2. wah...
    the sotong bakar makes me hungry loh...

  3. eh...

    didnt you post this up b4?

    or there's something wrong with me = =lll

  4. *bbS*
    ♥ supposedly u bring me there ma ~xD
    ♥ there's really nice! One year once~

    ♥ Hehe, that sotong bakar real yummy altho abit expensive though....

    ♥ No~~ @_@

  5. i dun even noe how to go there ><"

  6. i also went there during the CNY.. ^^
    but i reli hate the traffic during that time lo.. >_<
    haha.. nice pics..

  7. see..so many nice foods...it show tat i din wrongly tag u in facebook..wakaka

    anyway..i never been to there b4..lolz

  8. *bbS*
    ♥ Im also can't remember how to go there lolx....
    ♥ U follow me u will sesat~~

    ♥ Im also hate the traffic..
    ♥ It took me nearly 1 and haf hours to reach back to PJ...

    Da Devil..
    ♥ Just a coincidence lolx..
    ♥ Humans need to eat to survive ~ =p
    ♥ U should go there and have a look..
    ♥ Real awesome and leng ..
    ♥ But crowded and hot lolx...

  9. wow..grand :-o

    looks like u r in China...

    cant believe its happen in Msia

    d difrnt is..its hot..


    like it ;-)

  10. Orange Rose..
    ♥ LOL, i believe that China is much more awesome..
    ♥ Glad that u like it~ XD