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Sunday, August 10, 2008

On 1:59 AM by Connie Lam     4 comments
Bustle of life seems like doesn't work efficient on me to pull and save me out from the gloomy days..
Something is seriously grieves me....
I'm trying hard to struggle and walk out from the darkness, from the cloudy days....
By keep myself busy doing assignments, proposal, searching info, accept almost every invitation from friends etc...

I have to let go everything that bothering me, avoiding them from confusing me and harras me..
Reason? Answer : Perhaps im the only one who care about everything... *extravagant and meaningless....
I have to move forward.... Gotta get rid of the absent-minded..
I want a colourful life =D

P/s : Will blog about my faculty prom night and uni convocation later =)

♥ 08-o8-08 ^^


  1. dear Connie,

    you are not alone, that's what i can say.
    Believe me, be a different it doesn't mean wrong or make a mistake.

    L & L,

  2. Denny...
    ♥ thanks for the opinion ;)
    ♥ touch*

  3. hope u happy happy..; hehehe

  4. Teddy...
    ♥ arigatoo gozaimashu.. =D
    ♥ rainbow comes after each storm... i know....