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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On 7:32 PM by Connie Lam     15 comments
A short post....

Went to senior's convocation last sunday (10.08.08)...
It was a convocation day for only students from faculty of science and technology? not sure lolx....
This is the first time i go to ukm convo after 2 years i studying here...
Rarely go to any convo, the first and the only one was MMU convo last year....
I wanna convo too sobsob ~
Okie... Photo time ^^

♥ Waiting outside the hall...Connie and Jennifer ~

♥ I love this.. so cute.. get one for me during my convo next year can lolx....

♥ Inside the hall.. the opening.... kinda impressive.... i wanan convo too T___T

♥ The crowd outside the hall.... packed like sardin... >.<'''

♥ Congratulations to Chia Wei.. 1st class honour weeeyyy *respect*

♥ Congratulations to my direct senior ^^ i look abit ahem ahem,coz sleep only 3hours...

♥ Out of all the graduates with purple robe, suddenly this geng of students with brown/yellow/orange robe appear.... >.<'' Don't know them from which faculty..

♥ Yeah, purple robe.. looks nice? Faculty of Science and Technology aka my faculty ^^ wonder how i look like with this purple robe.. xD

Congratulations !!
p/s: Some photos are not convenient to share here lolx...


  1. well its nice to know that you have great hits here.

  2. law fac changed color?
    they r black wan wat..

    anyway, connie, y respect others? u urself oso in the 1st class category wat..

    i dun recognise ur senior wan.. haha
    siapa nama?

  3. oh yea, forgot to say, i want teddybear!! in flowers... i dun care ah!!! u bring to the biochem/molecular bio conference!! hahahaha

  4. Purple color looks very nice 1, u r so lucky, can wear this color.
    Ha!! I know the brown color from which faculty, that is my faculty, engine fac, the most ugly 1...
    I dun wan wear it when I convo.

  5. argh!!... u even enter into the hall!!


  6. MMU convo last year...
    i also go MMU convo last year...

  7. Allan chan...
    ♥ arr... kian sin said is engineering fac 1? confusing ~~~ >.<

    ♥ i still respect him bcoz he is excellent hehe... now be Prof.Ainon research assistant and Prof so like him^^
    ♥ My direct senior arr, she is a bit ego ego lolx, seldom mix around 1.. Her name yean yee.. y? interest with her? haha...
    ♥ wah, ur convo was long time ago, still request me to give u teddy bears and flowers ar? T__T u shud prepare to gimme 1 next year =p

  8. Kian Sin..
    ♥ lolx..purple colour nice ler ^^ dun jealous lolx... come come change to FST.. btw.. brown colour a bit ugly but u still have to wear it =p

    ♥ i din enter into the hall...lolx..that photo was saved from senior's photo album xD *blushing*

    tiong tiong..
    ♥ ohh...MMU convo at cyberjaya 1 wor... never see u wan lolx...

  9. Connie

    i dun mind belated gifts wan as long as i get them..

    no nid flowers then, teddybears would do fine.. hehehe

    na, not interested in her since u say she is ego ego wan.. she is KL ppl ah?

  10. Teddy......
    ♥ aiks... u so love teddy ?
    ♥ got collection yeah ?
    ♥ ego ego 1 but very leng ma...haha....xD she is kl ppl.... see....ask so much, sure got "something" ahem ahem... =p

  11. yaya... at cyberjaya....
    erm... me go is engineering faculty 1 wor....
    maybe no fate to see...haha

  12. tiong tiong...
    ♥ the day i go dunno which faculty de haha...xD

  13. hey its mandy wong!


    came here whilst searching for what the ukm medic convo robe looks like.

    praying hard its not some fugly bright fluorescent orange.