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Sunday, August 24, 2008

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♥ Take 1..Lolx...

Curious whether why am i take photos with these kind of stuff?
Lolx.. Just for fun and im happy that night xD

Okie... Actually this post is about stuff i buy from Skin Food.....
Ever heard of Skin Food? i reckon u do.... It's not a brand that is so strange....
Window shopping at Sg.Wang that day, passed by the Skin Food shop and it attracted my stares ^^
So i stopped and stepped into that shop... And, few promoters approached me =.='''
Well, im just pick and talk to one of them.....
Lots of skincare and cosmetics products she recommended to me....
But all r so pricey weeyy for me....I'm still a student with no incomes.....
But at last,end up i bought 5 items from them also......

Okie... Photo time ^^

♥ Yeah, the 5 items that i bought..

♥ A closer image of the product..... From the left: SKINFOOD Pineapple Morning Peeling Soft, Aloe Sun BB Cream SPF 20 PA+ and SKINFOOD Buckwheat Loose Powder

♥ SKINFOOD Seaweed Cleansing Cream and Pearl Eye Liner

♥ Oops.. The two free samples they gave to me ^^

♥ And the free gift for me with purchase of $200 above ^^

♥ And i like its paper beg... i asked them for extra lolx....

Summary ~*
List of the items i bought :
- SKINFOOD Pineapple Morning Peeling Soft
- Aloe Sun BB Cream SPF 20 PA+
- SKINFOOD Buckwheat Loose Powder
- SKINFOOD Seaweed Cleansing Cream
- Pearl Eye Liner

and... With purchase of $200 above, i get a free gift which is the cosmetic beg and i love it xD
And, the promoter gave me two free samples too....Which are the...
- Peach Sake Pore Serum...
- Capuccino Mousse Foam....

♥ - - - - -- - - - The End - - - -- - -- -- -- - - -- - -


  1. then will become more more beautiful loo... :P
    sure expensive...hehe

  2. This set skin food can use how long?
    leng lui use this, then ma lagi leng lui...
    u wanna make who 'die'?

  3. tiongtiong...
    ♥ lolx... not beautiful oso.. kinda expensive lor, im still student ma...

    Kian sin..
    ♥ this time u not the first =p
    ♥ im oso dunno can use how long de... depeds how often i use it lorr ;D
    ♥ where got leng lui ler... haiz... never intend to make anyone "die"... this just for my own.... not for others.... ^^