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Saturday, August 2, 2008

On 10:39 PM by Connie Lam     5 comments
Due to no internet connection provided in the hostel, i went to buy Maxis Broadband at my uni ICT fair on friday...
I seriously in need of internet to search info for my thesis proposal, for project etc....
Yes! I got it! With reddish Ladybird skin.. kinda red and looks funny >.<''' no other better choices for me to choose already... left only this ladybird, leopard and original white colour skin... So i picked the red 1..

♥ My maxis broadband with ladybird skin =)

Have to pay $128 for this Maxis Broadband each month starting from now... *bankrupt*
Have to use it continuously for at least 1 year.. else kena charge $200 when u end the service....
Hope the network connection will be always okie and i can finish my tasks on hand as soon as possible...
Ganbatte kudasai!!! がんばって ください =)


  1. how much is that USB modem ah?
    so how u find it? isit good the connection, im thinking of getting it too, but nobody used it b4, so nobody kno good or not.. haha..

  2. Whether the connection good or not it depends on ur location..where u use it..
    I use it in PJ area and the connection is sux... guess there r too many users...
    But using it in ukm not bad not bad... xD

    Don't need to pay extra $$ for the USB modem... FOC de =)
    I pay only RM100 when i register...
    Then pay RM 128 every months....
    Don't need to sign contract for at least 2 years.....
    But all this oni applicable if u buy this Maxis Broadband at Uni ICT fair =)

    Buy outside it is RM 138 evry months... 2years contract...Dunno whether the USB modem is FOC or not...

    Correct me if im wrong =)

  3. oic, thanks for the info.. hehe
    will check it out..

  4. why not use postpaid?

    u can get monthly charge abit cheaper wit rm108


    KIY no wireless??

  5. Teddy..
    ♥ u r welcome =)

    Allan allan..
    ♥ hmm... coz im using prepaid ma..lolx..between tat time too rushing when i wanna apply.. im forget tat my bro is using postpaid and i can register under his name...haizz...rugi T___T
    ♥ btw.... i moved to senior block dy... Here didnt provide LAN connection... but heard of here install wifi alr but they dun1 to open access for students.. .hav to wait next sem... i seriously nid internet ma.. so forced to buy maxis broadband...