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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

On 3:02 PM by Connie Lam in     4 comments
Recently i have been very hardworking on checking my emails..
Because my inbox going to be "exploded" already~ xD

Here i want to share some pictures i get from an email...
All these pictures remind me of a dog-themed comedy- Beverly Hills Chihuahua...
Will u lavish ur dogs with all these cute and lovely outfits which i believe cost more than babies suits....?

One thing before i show u guys the pictures...
The doggies inside the picture are the real doggies or what..?
But they are real cute !!!


  1. superdupersenior

    dun forget mail me chocolate cookies n teddy bear wor!!


  2. Teddy..
    ♥ The chocolate cookies i already finished up since long time ago LOL

    ♥ Yeah, very cute!! xD