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Monday, March 23, 2009

On 3:11 AM by Connie Lam     8 comments
Get to know about Mr.Baoz from Casey and KampungboyCitygirl..
If not mistaken, Mr.Baoz is considered as one of the top food spot in Taiwan which selling varities of bao (steamed bun)..
Without taking any long consideration, we go and give a try on it even though im not really a big fans of bao...

♥ For your information, it is located at Pavilion KL, right next to Food Republic..

♥ The menu and the varieties of Baoz...
♥ At first, i thought all that are donuts =="
♥ May be im too addicted to donuts..

P/s: Credits to Max Ng.. for the two photos above..

We ordered set B which costs us RM6.95..
Two bao comes with a drink.. Cheap? Expensive?

♥ The drink...

♥ On the left : Taro custard chocolate roll from chocolate series..
♥ On the right : Chicken satay bao from royal delicacy series..

To be honest, this modern colorful bao didn't fill my stomach with delightedness..
Still traditional bao splendid..

But it is still worth trying =)


  1. mr.baoz!! At least u get to try it already hehe!
    It was presentable, but quality was average lolx

  2. Yea, i heard about this shop before...
    Got to try it out one day...

  3. waa..connie..
    u ni memang suka jalan2 cari makan ya..

  4. honestly not attract me so much~ XD

  5. seem attractive to me..
    Mr. Baoz..I'll try you one day in d future..
    thanks for d sharing ^-^

  6. Thank you for trying & thank you for your comments & feedback, hope that our ongoing improvements as well as new development of products will suit you. Please feel free to give us more feedbacks so that we can do better & serve you better, have a good day.

  7. i like only the curry flavor but is a bit salty for that one...