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Monday, March 9, 2009

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♥ The pretty birthday girl - Juanita

She is a very nice and precious friend who i get to know in my university life..
What a coincidence that we share lotsa common interests for eg. great interest in baking and also same taste in types of clothing preference.
Last but not least, we love CHOCOLATE very much!! *drool*
Thanks to her for lend me a hand whenever i need her help or assistance.

♥ Specially for her..

We had a birthday celebration surprise for her.
We celebrated it two weeks earlier and she thought that night was just an ordinary hang out and dinner.
She looked with astonishment at us when we bring out the birthday cake for her.
And we bought her a book as a gift.

♥ The birthday cake..

♥ There were nine of us. They were busy looking at the menu.

Some pics of the food that we ordered.
Before this, forget to tell that we had our dinner at 21st Century Cafe.
Somewhere like Look Out Point. U can enjoy the beauty night scene of KL.
A very relaxing place with delightful ambiance.

♥ The fish fillet..

♥ The hawaii chicken chop..

♥ The honey grilled chicken chop with cheese.. My order hehe..

♥ Onion rings..

♥ The Maryland chicken chop..

Some random pictures of us..
Chance for u to see some leng lui pics xD
Don't waste this golden chance ;p

♥ Birthday song singing time ;)

♥ Chai Ling and Connie.. Two sesat fella syok sendiri snapping pics around..

♥ Group pic..

♥ Another group pic of leng luis without the two guys lolx..

♥ The two guys (Frankie and Wei Hong) with the birthday girl..


  1. hmmm....
    U guys look so happy in the photos...

  2. juan also my ex lab partner...


    hepi besday juan...


  3. that's me.... that's me!!! LOL~~

    *Hug huggies*
    thanks for this post abt my birthday. u all planned very well, i was really really suprised.

    u r a very nice gal whom i will cherish...such a sweetie XD

    Yes CHOCOLATE rules for Connie n Juanita!!! woot!

  4. gosh.. the food... gosh :Q.

  5. nice nice pics and food~
    by da way happy belated bday to juanita lolx!

  6. Josephine..
    ♥ Yeah we were happy and enjoyed~XD
    ♥ A sweet moment...

    Orange Rose..
    ♥ Ain, her birthday passed long time ago..
    ♥ Im late to blog about this lolx...

    ♥ Hey my dear, happy to see u dropping by my blog site...
    ♥ Chocolates rockss!!

    ♥ More blog posts about food coming soon hehehhe XD

    ♥ thanks thanks hehe....

  7. i went the resto b4~
    i like it =)
    but gt 1 waitress there mk me feel bo song that time...
    it is really impolite and if not my fren dun mind bout it, i tihnk i will scold that gal~

  8. *jenjen*
    ♥ Yea, i like this cafe very much..
    ♥ nice ambiance... ;)