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Sunday, March 15, 2009

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Here comes another update on outdated event~ xD
Happy Birthday to TY who born in 14th of February, special right..?
Went to celebrate his birthday on 15/2 with other forum friends at Mid Valley..

First, we had our lunch in Carl's Jr, suggested by me hehe..
Nothing much, im just miss the beef burger (Famous Star™) and the fries so much :wub:

♥ Yeah, the birthday boy with big eyes.. Eating burger together with fries lolx...

♥ Jennifer Joo Joo and the Bad Black Spidey (See, he dressed in black =p)
♥ Both have the baby face but don't misunderstand, they are not sibling..

♥ From the left : Clinton, Hannah, Connie and Keiko..

♥ This picture is to tempt those who loves Carl's Jr =p

Gosh! Im feeling so hungry at the moment and craving for Carl's Jr. again.
I failed to tempt other but myself *sweat*
Oh no, i gotta control myself and cut down on fast foods else im going to be plumped out at few weeks time and then kena teased T__T
Aiks, i crap too much here ;p Let's back to the birthday celebration....
Pictures time.. Picture tells thoudsand words, i always say this lolx....

♥ Birthday cake is a must! Amerikan Chocolate, nice ;)

♥ Don't get confused, he is not the birthday boy- TY..
♥ He is thomaz, sesat and syok sendiri go and make a wish as if this is his birthday ><"
♥ Tadaa~ Here's the real birthday boy..
♥ He was making wishes seriously, ingoring the sweet couple stood behind him lolx.

♥ Birthday boy/ girl always the most pity victim...
♥ See how violent were Thomaz and Terrence push TY's head to the cake..
♥ Hopefully my friends wont do this to me lolx...
♥ I don't want to have a cake face ..

♥ Wonder why his face is still clean, except his mouth and nose....

Last but not least, wanted to present the two American Next Top Models~~ XD

♥ "Take The Old Make It New"

♥ He can pose better or cuter than girls lolx~~ *respect*

I can't stop laughing lolx~


  1. wow tis 1 is like 1 month ago lolx!
    i will always remember to cut my hair as soon as it gets long ><"

  2. me baby face >.<
    i think u spell a name wrongly there...

  3. i love carl's junior! but a bit expensive....

  4. intruder alert :)
    ahhhhh i want carls jr too!

  5. *bbs*
    ♥ i always update on outdated post lolx..
    ♥ too busy already ma... =p

    ♥ Derrek? Terrance.?
    ♥ Im not sure what's his name lolx...

    ♥ It's not really expensive, still affordable and worth the price...

    ♥ hello, u r always welcome to intrude here xD
    ♥ i miss Carl's Jr again~~~!

  6. i am the regular of carl's average once in a month i will go for my burger session...kekeke..care to join me??...seduce~~seduce~~kekeke