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Saturday, March 28, 2009

On 3:37 PM by Connie Lam     7 comments
Im getting bored of my routine life..
Im tired and vexed to be in adverse circumstances..

Try many ways to ease all the miserable feelings..
One of the best way ever - Hang out with friends and eat ~ xD
Went to KimGary yesterday night to fill our empty stomach..

♥ Cream soup ~ Always my favorite...

♥ My mix set meal with chicken steak, pork chop, fried egg, ham, sausages, vege and chips...
♥ RM 13.90 per set, served with cream soup and one drink..worth it...

♥ French style fried rice

Nice and satisfied...


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  2. Next time send me a msg...

    i want to join XD

    so pervert i am...XD

  3. be sure to try out they cheese bake rice also..so yummy..kekeke