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Sunday, July 19, 2009

On 7:58 PM by Connie Lam     6 comments
I seldom take my breakfast due to the reason i rarely wake up early in the morning. So normally i will just have my "brunch" or just bite some biscuits and wait till dinner ;) I know it's an unhealthy lifestyle but still once in awhile i will go for dim sum..

Restaurant Phang Key which located at Old Klang Road always my favorite dim sum-ing place... No doubts there always crowded with people and sometimes u might need to stand aside to wait for seating.. Really like their dim sum especially siu mai and har gao.. Wanted to recommend their porrigde as well, smooth and tastes nice..

Anyone who interest to go there to try the dim sum and give urself a good kick start of the day, dun forget to ask me along :D

Lurveee dim sum... ♥


  1. ♥ i think i never gone there
    ♥ i got go to sri petaling...
    ♥ ss2 also nice
    ♥ when u bring me go there eat?^^

  2. Tiongtiong
    ♥ Sri petaling also nice..
    ♥ Go to Old klang road one because nearer hehe...
    ♥ Suppose u bring me go eat mah...
    ♥ I don't drive how to bring u? xD

  3. ♥ okok
    ♥ when u wanna let me bring u go leh?
    ♥ i still waiting de...
    ♥ ^^

  4. ♥ aiya...
    ♥ i had use my gmail account that long time no use de...
    ♥ so blur blur lo...wakaka

  5. interested...but lam lam belanja...u earn alots on ur salary oo...haha

  6. dim sum with u next month hesitate or not?kakaka...transport no problem..kekeke