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Friday, July 17, 2009

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Wanted to take dinner at Chili's but there was full house although it was just 7 in the evening. *Gosh i miss their lamb chop and bottomless iced lemon tea so much!!* Ended up have our dinner at Chili's Spaghetti Grill Restaurant (just located few doors away from Chili's in Midvalley Megamall) which is recommended by the waitress. Their tag line "Italian, The American Way".

♥ Here's the menu...

♥ Besides main menu, they have lunch set (RM9.95++) and dinner set (RM16.95++) for pizza, pasta and salad which is worth a try and very cheap....

♥ Honestly, I kinda like the ambiance there with the dim light... It definitely a nice dating place for couples who fond of Italian foods ;D

♥ Here's the bar area where u can have a drink *Sorry for the dark pictures*

♥ The starter.. If not mistaken, it is mushroom chicken soup with Jacob biscuits..

♥ U surely want to have one, it is so yummylicious. But a bit weird though if eat together with Jacob biscuits ><"

♥ My seafood pasta.. If u know me well / if u always follow my blog, then u surely know seafood spaghetti always my favorite and choice for Italian foods =)

♥ Friend's chicken strip.. Advice for guy with good appetite /big eater, do not order this lolx.. It will be just like snack for u...

And we had ice-cream for our dessert ;)

*Slurrppppp* Very full and satisfy ;D


  1. ♥ so good ...
    ♥ no asking me go eat
    ♥ need wait u treat me eat
    ♥ ^^

  2. Tiongtiong
    ♥ suppose u treat me eat 1st ma..
    ♥ always ask me go breakfast but i rarely wake up early keke :)

  3. ♥ then suppose i ask u for lunch or dinner is better??
    ♥ that for me not breakfast la...
    ♥ is supper... ^^
    ♥ havent sleep ma that time...lol