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Thursday, July 23, 2009

On 8:37 PM by Connie Lam     4 comments
Long time didn't been to Temerloh, the very last time was few years ago i think. Went there just to get a new atm card from Bank Islam, one piece of "red tiger" gone. After that, my brother drove me around Temerloh to hunt some nice restaurant / cafe for a tea break. A bit disappointed. Ended up had our tea break at a mamak which famous with its chicken and beef noodles (i guess).

♥ It is just a mamak stall, but so crowded with people till their chicken noodles is sold out, no more kuey teow, left only beef mihun soup and beef mee soup..

♥ We ordered the beef mihun soup and never thought that it was so delicious. The beef really tastes nice and the soup ok also. And i ordered a cup of Teh Beng!! xD

♥ My bf keke... (no lar, my brother lolz )...


  1. haha.. geng geng wor..
    always post eat de.
    see u gt fat mie?


  2. ♥ hmmm
    ♥ the meat taste like meat...
    ♥ the mihun taste like mihun...
    ♥ the soup taste like soup...
    ♥ so is delicious...
    ♥ then brother look like bf...

  3. where is this locate???!!!
    i think sheng sure wanna try out also!!!

  4. check out very delicious Char Koay Teow Penang at Jalan Temerloh-Jerantut http://www.charkoayteowbotak.com