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Sunday, July 5, 2009

On 9:49 PM by Connie Lam     4 comments

Im going to attend an interview by tomorrow in the afternoon in Asia-Pacific Special Nutrients Sdn. Bhd for the job position chemist which has the responsibilities in diagnostic testing as well as research and development...
This is my very first interview in my life and I actually feeling kinda nervous and messy don't know what to prepare etc..

Luckily there are many friends around who guided me and helped me.. Thanks a lots my friends, especially the someone who brought me to the interview location to have a look and survery around...
And then tuesday there's another interview in Wellness Laboratories for the job position pathologist..

Wish me luck and hope that I can get a job as soon as possible..
At the same time, I will approach professor in University Malaya (UM) for the job position research assistant and at the same time persuading ph.D studies..

Work or study ? Sometimes it is really difficult to decide..
I'm right now standing at the T- junction..
I don't know i should turn left or turn right...
I don't know what my future path way will be..
I hope it is a good one.. wont reach a dead end...

*Good Luck*


  1. standing at T-junction ad luckly lor, still got 2 choice...
    somebody juz got 1 way to go...
    somebody stand at round about, dunno wan choose 3 o'clock, 12 or 9, or u-turn oso...

  2. study first. always put the work as last resort.

  3. all the best to you baby ^^