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Friday, July 10, 2009

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Went to Jalan SS15/4E yesterday (9/7/09) for an interview at BP Healthcare lab... So I had my lunch at House of Fishball which located right beside BP Healthcare lab..

Address :
No. 7, Ground Floor,
Jalan SS15/4E,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia

♥ It was full house and i forced to share a table with a guy..
♥ Too bad he is not the type of guy i like but quite good looking haha ..
♥ Just kidding* xD

♥ I ordered this fish ball kuey teow soup, RM 5.00
♥ I don't really like it, maybe Im not a fish lover..
♥ But their soup is okie, didn't put much seasonings as the soup is not salty and u wont feel very thirsty after eating...

♥ My side order - Fried fish dumpling, RM 1.20/pcs..
♥ Err, for me it's a bit too salty...
♥ I need to dip it with soup before i eat...

♥ My side order - Fish yong tao fuh pok, RM 0.80 /pcs..
♥ Tastes good =)

Ended up my lunch which costs RM7.. All the side orders was recommended by the waitress and I just nodded my head.. She keep on recommending me many side orders and I don't think i able to finish all.. Am i look like someone who can eat alots ? =="

After filled up my empty stomach, I headed to BP lab for interview..
The interview went smooth and I had a good chatting moments with the interviewer..
And this is the longest interview session among all...

Yesterday was really a tiring day.. coz
I traveled and walked a lots and i was wearing high heels...
- IMR (Jalan Pahang, KL) --> Central KL by monorial
- Central KL --> Subang Jaya by KTM
- Subang Jaya ktm station --> Jalan SS15/4E by cab

After inteview..
- Jalan SS15/4E --> ktm station by cab
- Subang Jaya --> Central KL by ktm
- Central KL --> Kelana Jaya by lrt
- Kelana Jaya lrt station --> home by cab

I'm so dying.. Met two gila ppl as well argh~!!

I think I'm addicted to interview already* =="


  1. subang jaya food, cannot eat.

  2. i tot u wan IMR, how come ended up in BP oso?