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Thursday, July 9, 2009

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♥ Went to Asia-Pacific Special Nutrients Sdn. Bhd for an interview on Monday...
♥ Went there by cab from Kelana Jaya and it costs RM8.70.. Cheap? Expensive? I don't know..
♥ This is a biotechnology company which located at Jalan 241 Seksyen 51A..
♥ I kinda wish that I can get this job and work there so that i have the chance to learn various diagnostic testing skill with HPLC, gas chromatography and mass spectrometer as well..
♥ But too bad, I think i failed the interview =="
♥ I did some mistakes during the interviewing session.. I had said something i shouldn't mention... haiz...

♥ Went to another interview in IMR (Institute for Medical Research) on wednesday..
♥ Last time I was training there in Biochemistry unit under Specialized Diagnostic Centre....
♥ This time I'm there for the research officer job position in Molecular Diagnostic and Protein Unit which is also under Specialized Diagnostic Centre...
♥ Surprisingly all the staff there still can recognize me =="
♥ Have a short talk with my ex-supervisor and some other ex-colleagues as well..
♥ And thanks god i got the job offer.. and the salary is favorable =)
♥ So guess I will accept the offer and work for them temporarily maybe for 6 months or a year...
♥ And then i will quit and further my postgraduates studies...

*Every thing is going on smoothly~ xD *


  1. wao.. all ur words are so scientific!
    wakaka.. i didnt event knw them! wakaka....

  2. Congrat. and all the best in your path ^^

  3. woah.. congrats.. that's nice.. no need ukur tanah jor for now at least.. :p
    but where is this place?